The Untold History of Queer Foster Families

These social workers, in some cases inadvertently, were creating something radical: state-supported queer families in an era of intense discrimination. 

Hiding In Plain Sight: The Forgotten Origins of Queer Media

Neel Bate stumbled across his first copy of Bachelor magazine at a Hollywood Boulevard drugstore. 

How 1970s VCR Dating Paved the Way for Tinder and Hinge

Starting in February 1976, lonely people across Los Angeles drove to a windowless, one-room office on the 18th floor of a building in Century City — the first outpost in what would soon become a national dating franchise.

How A 1980s AIDS Support Group Changed The Internet

Gardiner wanted to create a database for people who were infected or at risk for infection — a place where they could trade updates about symptoms, risk factors, and experimental drug treatments. 

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